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The human factor plays a significant role in IT security and is specifically exploited by attackers. Learn basic behaviors and concepts in a training course to achieve IT security at your workplace.

Training “Information Security at your Workplace”

Target group: all employees of TU Darmstadt


IT is used practically everywhere at TU Darmstadt. This makes it all the more important that TUDa's IT systems and digital data are protected. However, this cannot be achieved by technical measures alone. The human factor plays a decisive role in information security and is deliberately exploited by attackers.

This course will teach you the basic courses of conduct and concepts to achieve information security in the workplace. Learn about the most important attack methods and how you can counter them and thus contribute to ensuring information security at TU Darmstadt.

The contents of the course will be illustrated with practical examples and practiced on case studies. In addition, we present useful tools and aids that facilitate “information-secure” behavior in everyday life and show you how to react correctly if something does go wrong.

  • Basics of information security in the workplace
    • Definitions and delimitation
    • Potential threats and attackers
    • Information security at the workplace and on the road – basic rules and courses of conduct
  • Basic rules and behaviors
    • Updates
    • Antivirus software
    • Backup
    • Password security
    • Phishing – recognizing dangerous e-mails, links and attachments
    • (E-mail) signature and encryption
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • Behavior in an IT security emergency

Tuesday, 06. February 2024, 8:30-01:00 p.m., online

Tuesday, 19. March 2024, 8:30-01:00 p.m., online, in German

Tuesday, 07. May 2024, 8:30-01:00 p.m., online, in English

Friday, 28. June 2024, 8:30-01:00 p.m., online, in German

Talk to your manager about attending Continuing Education and register using the course number and date. Contact see Interne Weiterbildung.

Certificate of Attendance:
After attending the event, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

Are you interested in a training with the content listed above for your department, your division or your central institution? So, feel free to contact us. We will arrange a separate date for your unit. The training is available either in German or English. Minimum number of participants: 8

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Online training

The training “Information Security at your Workplace” is also available as an online training. It enables you to independently and at any time learn basic behaviors and concepts for ensuring information security.

The online training is provided in a Moodle course. Click here to access the training.

The online training is only available in German. For an English training refer to the face-to-face training above.

IT-Security Browser Game

Experience entertaining challenges and playfully challenge your IT security knowledge – with our interactive IT security game. Click here to get to the game .

The online training and the game are only available in german.