Application – Pioneer Fund – Technische Universität Darmstadt


Contacting Mr. Robert Heitzmann in advance to the application is explicitly welcome.


  • Consultancy in advance to the application (contact details see right side)
  • Proposal submission (at any time)
  • Committee meeting (3 times a year)
  • Decision (within approx. 3 months)

Application documents

The following documents are relevant for application:

Proposal template (program line ACTIVATOR, German)
Proposal template (program line ACTIVATOR, English)
Proposal template (program line BOOSTER, German)
Proposal template (program line BOOSTER, English)
Proposal template (program line PIONEERS, German)
Proposal template (program line PIONEERS, English)
Enclosure “Erklärung der Professorin / des Professors” (*)
Explanatory leaflet “Mittelbeantragung und Mittelverwendung” (*)

(*) only available in German language

Note on the proposal templates: The current version of the proposal templates is 01/2018. Please check before submitting your proposal if you are using the most current version of the template, which is always available on this page.

Current deadlines

The application has to be submitted electronically as PDF-file as well as paper copy c/o Mr. Robert Heitzmann:

  • The signed application,
  • the signed enclosure “Erklärung der Professorin / des Professors”,
  • further enclosures (optional).

Submission deadline: Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 12.00. Please note: The documents must be arrived by this deadline, both electronically and in original paper form.

Date of the committee meeting and short-presentation of the projects by the applicants: 15.06.2018.

Decision about funding: Mid of September, 2018.