Central student marketing

A university cannot function without students. Therefore, it is our goal to increase the visibility of the TU as an attractive place to study: regionally as well as supra-regionally, nationally as well as internationally. In addition, we want to arouse interest in studying at TU Darmstadt.

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The #studentsofTUdarmstadt

The online presence #studentsofTUdarmstadt with its own website in blog form and social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok plays a crucial role for student marketing. Central to this are the #studentsofTUdarmstadt ambassadors, who give a face to TU Darmstadt as students from various departments and report on the study programmes of their degree, the TU and student life in Darmstadt.

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Our services

Other student marketing activities relate to print and online media as well as trade fairs.

Within the TU, we offer opportunities for networking and coordination of all stakeholders of the TU Darmstadt in this area and organise, for example, the bi-annual Student Marketing Roundtable.

There are also various opportunities for departments and central institutions to run online campaigns and to work in the #studentsofTUdarmstadt team. We are also available for consultation.

#studentsoftudarmstadt. Studierende helfen sich untereinander. // Students help each other.
Picture: Britta Hüning

To the internal area

For members of TU Darmstadt, we are happy to provide materials and further background information on our offers and on student marketing in general (TU ID required).

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Other contact points for prospective students

Further offers for prospective students are available at the Central Student Advisory and Orientation Service (ZSB). In the area of international affairs, the International Student Services (ISS) is the first point of contact.