The International Student Services (ISS) supports international students, refugees and exchange students in all non-academic areas.

The mission of the ISS is to provide the services necessary for the needs of international students, to support the arrival of international students in Germany and at the TU Darmstadt and thus to contribute to the academic success of international students and to promote the diversity and international experience of all students on campus.

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Counter International

The Counter International is the first point of contact for all important steps before and after your arrival in Darmstadt. We can be found from Monday to Friday from 09.30 to 14.00 in the entrance area of Karo 5!

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Dates and Events

Every year at the beginning of the winter semester all faculties of the TU Darmstadt offer an orientation week for their students.

In a short information brochure you will find the starting dates of the orientation weeks at your department as well as the links to their website.

OWOs Dates

As of 29th October the lecture series The Essentials will take place and will inform you about all topics concerning your experience at TU Darmstadt!

All information about the dates and the course of events can be found here.

Dates & Events

You can find more information about upcoming events on our Facebook page

Kick Off Party Winter term 2019/20

Come and Join! This winter semester there will be another Kick-Off Party in the Schlosskeller with a photo station, a popcorn machine and the well-known karaoke special! The Department of International Affairs, Tutor International, ITT and ESN will be hosting the Kick-Off Party to welcome all new students at TU Darmstadt, with a special warm welcome to all new International students!

October 10th, starting at 9pm