Academic programmes

Academic programmes

There are thirteen departments and five fields of study offering 112 degree programmes in engineering, the natural sciences and humanities subjects. Most students begin their course in the winter semester – from mid-October – but there are exceptions.

Degree programmes A-Z

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Ranging from applied earth sciences to education or mechatronics, there are 112 degree programmes to choose from at TU Darmstadt. Overview of all degree programmes including qualifications. go

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Imparting academic and scientific principles whilst preparing students for working life: Bachelor's degrees are aimed at school leavers with a higher education entrance qualification or to potential students who have obtained such a qualification.

Specialization and a second degree: a Master's programme builds on a Bachelor's degree and may be research-based or applied. Courses are scheduled to last for four semesters. go

Bachelor of Arts / of Science

Joint Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Education

Master of Arts / of Science

Master of Education

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Teaching degrees

Joining the teaching profession: courses designed to train students to teach at grammar schools conclude with the first state examination. Students are then eligible for teaching practice (Referendariat) in a school. The course combines two subjects. go

First state examination (teaching qualification for grammar schools)


Doctorates are open to postgraduates who are interested in undertaking research. This qualification demonstrates in-depth academic research skills in a highly-specific area. To proceed to a doctorate, it is typically necessary to have completed university studies, and gained the academic designation Diplom, Magister Artium, Master of Arts /Science/Education, or to have passed a state examination.

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