Complaint and Improvement Management at TU Darmstadt

Dissatisfied ? Please talk to us!

Are you a student at TU Darmstadt and dissatisfied with a specific aspect of the university's service? Is there, in your view, something wrong with the academic organisation, the teaching, student services or the infrastructure? Or are you a member of the university with a suggestion for improving the structures or procedures around studying and teaching?

Then you have come to the right place! If there is a study or teaching-related problem somewhere between the students and the university, the Complaint Management service will try to help. The matter will be dealt fairly, confidentially and impartially while avoiding red tape during the process of mediation.

We will address your individual concerns with care and will try to find a satisfactory solution as quickly as possible.

We welcome your feedback. It is also possible to meet in person if required, ideally by making an appointment beforehand.

Complaint and Improvement Management is also the point of contact for students at TU Darmstadt experiencing sexual discrimination and violence.

Frequently asked questions

All your information will, of course, be treated confidentially on request.

Data protection regulations will be observed. Your personal details will not be shared. Where confidentiality is agreed, this will be respected on a permanent basis.

Your concerns are understandable but, based on past experience, are unnecessary. We treat all enquiries as confidential. Please speak to us if need be.

No. As a trusted point of contact, confidentiality is assured and you do not need to approach the Complaint Management service anonymously.

Please understand that, as a general rule, we do not process anonymous messages.

Anything directly related to studying at the university and the teaching can be addressed: from the academic organisation of individual degree programmes to courses, examinations, administration and services through to the infrastructure and specific people.

The Complaint and Improvement Management team will not take action if there is no clear mandate, the feedback is anonymous and if the feedback is not about studying and the teaching at the university or is incomprehensible.

If you are having problems with your studies, but do not wish to submit a complaint or provide other feedback but are having problems with your studies, you should, in the first instance contact the Central Student Advisory and Orientation Office (ZSB), the Departmental Student Advisory Service for your department or field of study or the help points in Student Affairs (Studierendenwerk).

Yes, we look forward to hearing from you if your concerns are related to studying and the teaching at TU Darmstadt. We also welcome feedback from teaching staff and other university employees regarding courses of study and the teaching.

Please contact the relevant social and conflict advisory service (in German) within the university.

Please contact the university's threat management (in German) team directly.

In cases of acute danger, please call the police immediately on 110 and the university's central emergency number on 4444.

No. Free legal advice is however available from lawyers via TU Darmstadt Students' Union (Executive Committee) (AStA).

Yes. Unlike making a complaint to Complaint Management, raising an objection to a decision made by the university is a formal procedure and your proposal will also be subject to an internal legal review. Complaint and Improvement Management conducts its investigations on an informal basis.

This will, of course, depend on the nature of your concerns. With your permission, we will talk to everyone involved and attempt to facilitate a solution that is helpful to you by way of neutral mediation.

No, you can drop in at any time during normal office hours. Our door is almost always open, but ideally give us a quick call beforehand or make an appointment.