Organisational Matters for Double Degrees in Europe

Course of Study

You will study for three to four semesters at the host university; the duration of your studies will only be extended by one year. In some cases, the duration can be shortened further (e.g. by recognising academic achievements). After completing the Master’s degree at TU Darmstadt, the respective degree of the partner university will also be conferred.

Usually, the double-degree programme starts in the winter semester. Please make an appointment with your departmental coordinator in due time in order to plan your double-degree programme.

Experience Reports

Information before your stay at the partner university

Experience reports of our former double-degree students are a good source for further information on the university, the country and its people. Many questions which arise during the search for the best partner university or during the planning process will be answered in the experience reports.

All experience reports can be found here.

The content management system does not allow users to search for double-degree experience reports.

  • Even when choosing “DD Europe”, all experience reports of the selected partner university will be listed. This means that you will also see reports by students who did not go abroad within the framework of a double degree. Information on the location, university, leisure activities and financial issues will still help you to prepare for your double degree.
  • Until the winter semester 2013/14, students were allowed to create an experience report as they wished.
  • Since the winter semester 2013/14, all experience reports for double degree programmes in Europe need to consist of three parts: a general part, an academic report and a tabular course selection form. In the transitional period until the winter semester 2015/16, there are three documents for every student. These documents might not be listed directly next to each other, since the content management system does not implement any sorting.
  • Since the winter semester 2015/16, reports are subdivided into three parts but included in a single document.
  • The current template for experience reports can be found here.

After Your Stay

Please write your experience report according to the template for double-degree experience reports, which is provided in the Downloads section.

Send your complete report to:.
We will then upload your report!

Note: By sending us an email with your experience report you are automatically consenting to having the report published. If you do not agree to its publication, please state this explicitly in your email (not in your experience report).


All students participating in the double-degree programme in Europe receive 270 EUR per month. The funding period is two years at most, with a maximum annual funding of 2700 EUR (funding period of ten months).

Students pursuing a double degree with EC Lyon will receive their funding from the Deutsch-franzöische Hochschule (DFH).