Internship with Erasmus+

Erasmus+ Internship

Going abroad for an internship enables you to broaden your horizon. The Erasmus+ programme supports internships in Europe. This makes it easier for students and recent graduates to start working life. The programme also promotes international collaboration between universities and companies. Erasmus+ promotes funded internships in companies in all EU member states, Turkey, and EFTA states and has a separate national programme with Switzerland.

Within the framework of Erasmus+ internships abroad, Technische Universität Darmstadt cooperates with the regional contact point for EU internships. The following services are offered:

  • general counselling concerning internships in Europe
  • funding
  • recognition

Internship vs study abroad with Erasmus+

Instead of studying abroad you can also do an internship. Erasmus+ offers many options.


Regionale Kontaktstelle für EU-Praktika
c/o Institut inter.research e.V.
At TU Darmstadt, there are two contact persons:
Heinrich-von-Bibra Platz 1b
D-36037 Fulda
0661-9640 7405
0661-9640 7419 or
Mrs Tanja Torres Alberich:

Mrs Dipl.-Ing Juliane Huge

Eligible Countries

AIESEC Internships



Funding for Internships Outside of Europe

More Possibilities for Internships Abroad