Erasmus+ Internship

Going abroad for an internship enables you to broaden your horizon. The Erasmus+ programme supports internships in Europe. This makes it easier for students and recent graduates to start working life. The programme also promotes international collaboration between universities and companies. Erasmus+ promotes funded internships in companies in all EU member states, Turkey, and EFTA states and has a separate national programme with Switzerland.

Within the framework of Erasmus+ internships abroad, Technische Universität Darmstadt cooperates with the regional contact point for EU internships. The following services are offered:

  • general counselling concerning internships in Europe
  • funding
  • recognition

Internship vs study abroad with Erasmus+

Instead of studying abroad you can also do an internship. Erasmus+ offers many options.


Regionale Kontaktstelle für EU-Praktika
c/o Institut inter.research e.V.
At TU Darmstadt, there are two contact persons:
Heinrich-von-Bibra Platz 1b
D-36037 Fulda
0661-9640 7405
0661-9640 7419 or
Mrs Tanja Torres Alberich:

Mrs Dipl.-Ing Juliane Huge

EU member states, Turkey, countries of the European Economic Area, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The regional contact point for EU internship also financially supports internships organised by AIESEC, if they are to be completed in Europe.

  • you are a registered student at TU Darmstadt
  • the internships lasts at least two months and no more than twelve months
  • the internship is completed in one of the eligible countries
  • the internship is full-time and is closely connected to your study programme (mandatory or voluntary internship)

The grant for stays abroad is approximately 300 EUR per month. Initially, only five months of the internship can be funded. If further funds are available, funding for additional months can be granted.

Here you can find further information to Funding.

For internships outside of Europe you can apply to the DAAD for travel allowances.

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, abbreviated IAESTE, is an international, apolitical, independent organisation providing international work placements / internships abroad. This includes all kinds of work placements / internships for students of various subject areas.

World-wide, more than 80 countries are members of IAESTE. In all of these countries, work placements / internships at partner companies for 3 to 12 months are available. Finding work placements / internships is free of charge. This arrangement also ensures that the work placements / internships are paid well and that there are student groups as a contact on site for these students on work placement. These local student groups also arrange housing for these interns. Often, they also organise activities and events. Cultural exchange is the main focus of IAESTE.


Search for open positions in the data bank or visit the website for more information.

There are other ways to do an internship abroad. The following overview provides you with links to different programmes which support you in searching for and completing an internship abroad. The most important thing is personal initiative, since TU Darmstadt is not involved in these programmes.