Join the CompuGene Student Lab


The “CompuGene Student Lab” is a new student project that is part of the Centre for Synthetic Biology at TU Darmstadt. The students independently set up a research project related to synthetic biology. This includes the development of their own research idea, independent laboratory work and the acquisition of research funds. In the process, the students work together on the path from the initial idea to a publication. Results could be published or patented and presented in competitions or symposia.

As the project is still in its infancy, we are specifically looking for motivated students who, in addition to research work, are also interested in setting up the organisational framework. The project is currently supervised by Professors Heinz Koeppl, Dominik Niopek and Beatrix Suess, who support the students with their expertise.

Participation in the project is possible during the course of study and is not bound to semester limits. The CompuGene Student Lab gives students their first valuable experience in independent project and team work, which would otherwise only be gained in the context of a doctorate.

The minimum duration of participation in the project is 6 months, but can be extended to a longer period. During the project, a time commitment of at least 400 h per semester and a laboratory phase is to be expected. There will be more intensive and less intensive work phases. The team size will be limited to about 10 participants at the beginning of the project.

The project would begin around June with a development and research phase. An intensive laboratory phase is planned for the lecture-free period.

Are you interested in being part of this project?

Then send a letter of motivation and your CV (maximum 1 page each) till 31.5.2022 to .

In the letter of motivation, you describe why you want to participate in the project and roughly describe a research idea that interests you. You are welcome to attach further relevant documents to your application.

Are there any questions left unanswered?

If you have any questions about participation or the project in general, please feel free to contact us!

You would like to support our team as a sponsor?

You are welcome to contact Dr. Melanie Mikosch-Wersching directly with your request.