CREATOR at CSE in Amsterdam


At 2 and 3 March 2023, a minisymposium entitled “Computational Methods for Electric Machines“ was organised by Prof. Idoia Cortes Garcia and Prof. Peter Gangl at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE23). Several members of the CRC presented their latest scientific results. The audience consisted of colleagues from academia and industry. Every talk was followed by a discussion, from which valuable ideas could be taken home. The following talks related to the CRC were given:

  • Herbert De Gersem, Mathematical challenges in electric machine simulation
  • Herbert Egger, Energy-stable stator-rotor coupling and consistent torque computation by harmonic mortaring
  • Mario Mally, Tearing and interconnecting approach for H(curl)
  • Klaus Roppert, Efficient 3D finite element scheme for solving electromagnetic field problems considering vector hysteresis
  • Nepomuk Krenn, Topology optimization of a rotating electric machine by the topological derivative
  • Christian Köthe, Space-time finite element methods for electric machines
  • Dimitrios Loukrezis, Surrogate modeling, uncertainty quantification, and sensitivity analysis for thermal circuit models of electric machines
  • Andreas Schafelner, Space-time methods for parabolic quasi-linear time-periodic evolution problems