Data management planning

A data management plan (DMP) describes how you will handle your research data during a project, how you envisage storing, documenting, maintaining and processing your data. A systematic consideration of these aspects already in the planning process ensures the quality of your research data in the long term, as precautions are taken for the traceability, secure storage and retrievability of the data.

A DMP considers the entire research process and is continuously adapted to the changing conditions of a project. It is thus part of the project management of a research project.

We provide the tool TUdmo for creating a DMP.

It makes sense to define the responsibilities for handling research data before the project begins and to clarify the following aspects, for example:

  • What data will be generated and used?
  • What type of data is involved?
  • Which data should or must be kept?
  • What additional information is needed to understand the data?
  • When is the data selected?
  • How long should the data be kept?
  • When and where will the data be archived or published?
  • Who is allowed to use the data?

Overall, it is a matter of being clear about the processes and technologies throughout the entire life cycle of research data.

Requirements for data management plans from research funders

Research funders are increasingly demanding the creation of DMPs in the context of externally funded projects; this applies in particular to EU-funded projects.

In the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, the creation and maintenance of a DMP is now mandatory. The DFG offers the Checklist for Applicants for planning and describing the handling of research data (opens in new tab) in research projects to support the application process.

DMPs at the TU Darmstadt

In its guidelines for handling digital research data at the TU Darmstadt, the TU recommends that all members of the TU establish a DMP:

“The university recommends drawing up a plan for handling research data even before the start of a research project in order to ensure systematic and sustainable handling of the data. A research data management plan contains a description of all relevant data generated in the course of the project as well as a concept for handling them with regard to accuracy, completeness, authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and whereabouts, as well as copyrights and rights of use. Subject-specific features and standards shall be taken into account and the plan shall be adapted to the respective current course of the project.”


For this purpose, the ULB has been offering the web tool TUdmo (TU data management organiser) since 2018, which is based on the DFG-funded software RDMO. TUdmo allows you to collaboratively create and maintain a DMP, numerous export options, e.g. for applications and reports, and is continuously being further developed.

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