TU Idea Competition 2024 launched

HIGHEST seeks business ideas and research results / Application deadline June 3, 2024


The innovation power of TUDa lies in many forward-thinking ideas: as research results, business ideas, or simply as whims on campus. HIGHEST, the innovation and startup center of TU Darmstadt, aims to unearth this potential and is once again hosting the TU Idea Competition, TU-Ideenwettbewerb, #DeineIdee2024 this year!

Business ideas will be sought again in 2024.

“Ideas are the conceptual starting point of innovations. And these, in turn, often form the basis of real change. In the engineering and technical field, we refer to them as DeepTech. In our TU Idea Competition, we are on their trail,” motivates Professor Thomas Walther, Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs at TU Darmstadt, to participate.

Statement Professor Thomas Walther, Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs of TU Darmstadt (in German)

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Researchers, students, staff, and alumni of TU Darmstadt can apply online until June 3, 2024, with an idea sketch. They have the chance to advance the market readiness of their innovative product or business idea or the exploitation potential of the research results. The submitted ideas will be evaluated by a distinguished expert jury from business and science, and all participants will receive comprehensive feedback. Naturally, the HIGHEST team treats the submitted ideas confidentially.

TU Idea Competition 2024

After a multi-stage selection process, the most convincing ideas will be awarded at the finale of the TU Idea Competition on September 26, 2024, as part of the Start-up & Innovation Day at the darmstadtium. There are prizes worth a total of 17,000 euros to be won. As in previous years, Merck is donating the special prize for “Sustainability” worth 3,000 euros.

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