Our mission

The Technical University of Darmstadt is a synonym for excellent, relevant science. Global transformations – from the energy transition via Industry 4.0 to artificial intelligence – are posing enormous challenges. We are playing a crucial role in helping to shape these far-reaching processes of change with outstanding insights and forward-looking study opportunities.

Since we were founded in 1877, we have been one of Germany’s most international universities; as a European technical university, we are committed to European values and European integration. Our home is the metropolitan region Frankfurt-Rhine-Main. With our partners in the Alliance of Rhine-Main Universities, we continue the development of this globally attractive science location.

Our cutting-edge research is pooled in three fields: Energy and Environment, Information and Intelligence, Matter and Materials. Large-scale, problem-based interdisciplinarity involving the engineering sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences is the hallmark of our research and study. We foster intensive, productive interaction with society, business and politics. Such collaborative polyphony generates effective, long-term progress towards sustainable development worldwide.

Alliances and networks – a selection

Weltkarte mit bunten Stecknadeln.
Picture: Natalie Wocko

Our international profile

TU Darmstadt stands for cosmopolitanism and international orientation in study, teaching and research. It cooperates internationally at all levels – whether in research projects, student exchanges or partnerships.

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Facts and Figures

Academic Affairs (status: winter semester 2021/22 or graduation in 2021)

  • 118 degree programmes
  • 24.985 students (of which are 32% women and 22% foreign students)
  • 3.911 graduates (of which are 32% women and 15% foreign graduates)
  • 442 doctorates awarded (of which are 24% women and 21% foreign doctoral candidates)

Research (status: April 2022)

  • 12 Collaborative Research Centres and SFB/Transregio of the German Research Foundation
  • 1 LOEWE Research Centre and 12 LOEWE Research Clusters (incl. participations)
  • 5 DFG Graduate Schools
  • 4 Cluster Initiatives funded by the State of Hesse (incl. participations)

Staff (status: 2021)

  • 319 professors (of which 66 are female)
  • 2.665 academic employees (of which 735 are female)
  • 1.934 non-academic employees (of which 1.160 are female)
  • 138 trainees (of which 46 are female)

Budget (status: 2021)

  • 263.5 million euro basic funds from the State of Hesse (excl. LOEWE)
  • 21.4 million euro from Bund-Länder-Hochschulpakt (Phase II)
  • 3.2 million euro other funds
  • 188.3 million euro third-party funds (incl. LOEWE)

Campus (status: 2021)

  • 5 locations
  • 168 buildings
  • approx. 307.000 square metres of usable space

Alumni at TU Darmstadt

Everyone who once studied, worked, researched or taught at the university and who keeps TU in good memory: We would be happy to stay in touch with you.

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