Welcome to TU Darmstadt

Welcome to Technische Universität Darmstadt

Picture: Thomas Ott – © Thomas Ott
Picture: Thomas Ott

One of the leading technical universities

Since its foundation in 1877, the TU Darmstadt has been characterized by a special pioneering spirit. It is part of our self-image to continuously continue this tradition of innovation. Through outstanding achievements in research, teaching and transfer, we open up important scientific fields of the future and continually open up new opportunities for shaping society. This makes the TU Darmstadt one of the leading technical universities in Germany with high international visibility and reputation.

“Worldwide, we stand for outstanding research in highly relevant profile areas that we focus on."


TU-President Hans Jürgen Prömel

© Katrin Binner

© Katrin Binner
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The various scientific disciplines and engineering fields at TU Darmstadt are organized into thirteen departments and five fields of study.

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Profile Areas

TU Darmstadt bundles its excellent and globally visible research in six profile areas.

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Alliances and networks – a selection

The TU Darmstadt strengthens its position through strategic cooperation and networking with other universities in Germany and abroad.

  • Rhine-Main Universities alliance
  • TU9


Our international profile


The TU Darmstadt stands for cosmopolitanism and international orientation in study, teaching and research. It cooperates internationally at all levels – whether in research projects, student exchanges or partnerships.

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Facts and Figures

  • 13 departments and 5 fields of study
  • 113 degree programmes
  • 25.889 students (of which are 31% women and 18% foreign students)
  • 4.257 graduates (of which are 30% women and 15% foreign graduates)
  • 447 doctorates awarded (of which are 26% women and 19% foreign doctoral candidates; 2017*)
  • 249.9 million euro basic funds from the State of Hesse (excl. LOEWE)
  • 26.5 million euro from Bund-Länder-Hochschulpakt (Phase II)
  • 8.8 million euro other funds
  • 169.1 million euro third-party funds (incl. LOEWE)
  • 253 male professors and 56 female professors
  • 2.593 academic employees (of which 661 are female)
  • 1.909 non-academic employees (of which 1.154 are female)
  • 164 trainees
  • 5 locations
  • 164 buildings
  • approx. 309.000 square metres of usable space
  • 11 Collaborative Research Centres and SFB/Transregio of the German Research Foundation
  • 7 LOEWE Research Clusters
  • 6 DFG Graduate Schools

Status: 31.12.2018 / *2017

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Governing Bodies and Executive Board, directorates and staff units, students self-government: Information on the organisational structure of administrations and central services:

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Career at TU Darmstadt

Job offers, vocational training and personnel development: Offers for TU employees and potential employees.

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Alumni at TU Darmstadt


Everyone who once studied, worked, researched or taught at the university and who keeps the TU in good memory: We would be happy to stay in touch with you.

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In the middle of society

Deeply rooted in the City of Science Darmstadt and intensively networked in the Metropolitan Region: TU Darmstadt invites you through many avenues to visit, make use of its facilities and keep your curiosity alive.

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Philanthropy and donations

There are many reasons why forward-looking companies, private donors and alumni are committed to the TU Darmstadt.

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Further information

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