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in the current issue of hoch³ FORSCHEN – the science quarterly – you´ll find the following topics:

Supermaterials out of the microwave
Using non-conventional methods, Christina Birkel and her colleagues in the Department of Chemistry of the TU Darmstadt produce metallic ceramics and new materialsfor the energy supply of the future.

Arguments from amongst the noise
Structured decision-making support: The research project ”ArgumenText“ in the field of Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing has found a way to filter concrete pro and con arguments on any topic from amongst the noise of the internet.

Microplastics in the river
More and more plastic particles are polluting the environment. In the fields of wastewater technology and wastewater management, research teams are investigating the extent to which industry is involved in microplastic pollution.

The trick with the perfume for insects
In the next few years, a team from TU Darmstadt will produce the pheromones of important pest insects in plants and make them usable for plant protection.

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hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 3/2018