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New Phenomenon of Radioactivity
Physicists at the TU Darmstadt have succeeded in observing an extremely rare radioactive decay for the first time ever. The unusual thing about it is that this so-called double gamma decay of an excited nucleus state, which represents a higher order process, takes place although the first order process is not prohibited by the conservation of energy and momentum laws or quantum-mechanical selection rules.

Cells in Motion
Materials scientist Ljubomira Schmitt and biologist Tobias Meckel are developing adevice that can be used to culture cells under induced movements whilst simultaneously allowing them to be observed through a microscope. The technology could improve drug testing and obviate the need for certain experiments on live animals.

Order in Air Vortex
Turbulence makes life difficult for the designers of cars or aircrafts. It cannot be simulated with absolute precision. Martin Oberlack, head of institute of Fluid Dynamics wants an original solution to the problem.

Ice in the Air
Markus Schremb and Daniel Kintea of the TU Darmstadt are carrying out research into causes of ice formation on aircraft during flight. Their experiments and realistic mathematical models are aimed at the minimization of risk and costs.

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hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 4/2015