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in the current issue of hoch³ FORSCHEN – the science quarterly – you´ll find the following topics:

Turbo forces
A high performance test facility for compressors is being built at the TU Darmstadt with which gas turbines are to be adjusted for the energy transition.

The route to brain software
People make sense of their surroundings by gathering impressions, recording them as internal representations within the brain, and using them to derive behavioural responses. Scientists at the TU Darmstadt are working on developing similar abilities for computers in the near future.

With Big Data to Vehicle 5.0
Data mining involves opportunities and risks – including for the automotive industry. An interdisciplinary team at the TU Darmstadt is looking into ways it can utilise vehicle operating data in a targeted and transparent manner.

Eavesdropping prohibited
Sometimes, when two people or software applications are communicating via the Internet, a third party is listening. Cryptographic protocols could prevent this situation, but software developers often find it difficult to correctly integrate them into applications. This is the reason why researchers at the TU Darmstadt want to automate encryption.

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hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 3/2016