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in the current issue of hoch³ FORSCHEN – the science quarterly – you´ll find the following topics:

An elevator for fish
The EU Water Framework Directive states that from 2027, rivers must be continuously passable to fish, from the mouth to the source. Professor Boris Lehmann is facilitating this passage in a very special way at the Weir Baldeney (Ruhr): in future, fish will be taking the elevator to the upper water.

From atomic nuclei to stars
Physics professor Achim Schwenk and his team at the Institute for Nuclear Physics at the TU Darmstadt examine the forces at the heart of atomic nuclei. This helps to improve our understanding of astrophysical objects.

Using Artificial Intelligence to fight hunger
A team under IT professor Kristian Kersting is using machine learning methods to improve conditions in feeding the world.

Water for everyone
Solving problems in an interdisciplinary and humanitarian manner: TU Darmstadt and the German Aerospace Centre are developing a sustainable system for supplying water to slum areas that is based on satellite data.

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hoch3 FORSCHEN (English) 2/2018