Urgent appeal of the Executive Board of TU Darmstadt


In the light of the alarming development of new coronavirus infections in Germany and the extremely tense situation at the intensive care units of Darmstadt’s university hospitals, the Executive Board of TU Darmstadt appeals to all employees and staff at the university to continue acting responsibly and to consider further restrictions on their behaviour in their daily working routine, too. Mobile work still has absolute priority over working on site and should be practised whenever feasible.

The operations at TU Darmstadt will be ensured between the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve in restricted form only, as mentioned in October already. Holiday leave as well as the reduction of overtime hours can be granted and used generously towards the end of the year.

In view of the seriousness of the current situation, the Executive Board asks all supervisors and managers to check if the physical presence of employees and staff at the offices, laboratories and workshops can already be reduced to a few required exceptions starting in the next few days until the second week of January.

The Executive Board expects that supervisors and managers start granting holiday leave and reductions of overtime hours generously as of today and expects that employees and staff make use of this opportunity. To this end, workflows must be organised even more to allow for mobile work wherever this has not been fully accomplished yet.