TU9 Alliance Elects New Executive Board

Professor Dr. Tanja Brühl and Professor Dr. Angela Ittel Elected as Dual Leaders


Professor Dr. Tanja Brühl, President of the Technical University of Darmstadt, and Professor Dr. Angela Ittel, President of Technische Universität Braunschweig, will lead the TU9 Alliance as dual leaders in the future. They were unanimously elected as the new TU9 Executive Board for the term 2022 to 2024 at the TU9 General Assembly on July 18, 2022. The new TU9 Board will take office on October 01, 2022, with Brühl and Ittel taking over from Professor Dr. Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart, and Prof. Dr. Volker Epping, President of Leibniz Universität Hannover, who have chaired the Alliance since 2018. Under TU9’s constitution, the incumbent TU9 Board was not eligible for re-election.

Prof. Ressel welcomes the election result and wishes the new leadership all the best for their joint endeavors and the strategic development of TU9: “I congratulate both TU9 colleagues Prof. Tanja Brühl and Prof. Angela Ittel very warmly on their election as the new TU9 Board. I know that the office is in good hands and I am looking forward to the future cooperation in the TU9 Alliance in a new constellation.“

Prof. Tanja Brühl and Prof. Angela Ittel made the following statement upon their election: “We are very pleased to be elected as Presidents of the TU9 Alliance and we thank our colleagues for the trust they have placed in us. At Technical Universities, technologically-focused research and practice is seamlessly integrated with approaches from the humanities and social sciences. Technical Universities form the nucleus of lively innovation ecosystems. Inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation and networking are essential when working with our partners to find appropriate solutions for the complex societal challenges of both today and tomorrow. As Presidents of the TU9 Alliance, we will work together to make this important innovation-driving role of Technical Universities – which can help to shape our future at a global level – even more visible and prominent.”

Brief CV for Prof. Dr. Tanja Brühl

Professor Dr. Tanja Brühl
Professor Dr. Tanja Brühl

Tanja Brühl has been President of Technical University of Darmstadt since 2019. Previously, she had been a Professor of Political Science at Goethe University Frankfurt, focusing on international institutions and peace processes. From 2012 to 2018, she also served as Vice President for study and teaching. Tanja Brühl has been President of the Unite! European University Alliance since 2019.

Brief CV for Prof. Dr. Angela Ittel

Professor Dr. Angela Ittel
Professor Dr. Angela Ittel

Angela Ittel has been President of Technische Universität Braunschweig since 2021. From 2008 to 2021, she was Professor of Educational Psychology at Technische Universität Berlin. Angela Ittel’s main professional role from 2014 to 2021 was as Vice President for Strategic Development, International Affairs, Junior Scholars and Teacher Education at Technische Universität Berlin. Since 2020, she has been an elected member of the Executive Commit-tee at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

About TU9

TU9 is the Alliance of leading Universities of Technology in Germany: RWTH Aachen University, Technische Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Technical University of Darmstadt, Technische Universität Dresden, Leibniz University Hannover, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Technical University of Munich, and University of Stuttgart.

Tradition, excellence, and innovation are the hallmarks of TU9 Universities. Founded during the Industrial Age, they contributed decisively to technological progress back then and continue to do so today. They enjoy an outstanding reputation around the world as renowned research and teaching institutions that promote the transfer of knowledge and technology between universi-ties and practice. As such, they train exceptional young academics for careers in science, business, and administration and assume social responsibility. TU9 Universities foster top-class international networks and diverse cooperation with industry, making them a key element of Germany’s position as a location of science and innovation.

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