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Notice Board of IRIS promotes research within Unite!


Within the framework of the UNITE.H2020 project, the IRIS network (Integrated Research and Innovation Services) has developed a Notice Board to promote collaboration and ease matchmaking between Unite! researchers.

This is one of the features of the Unite! Agora. The aim is to increase the opportunities for researchers to participate to EU calls from the Unite! Universities, helping researchers in their research and innovation activity.

What is Unite! Agora?

Unite! Agora is a virtual platform connecting nine Unite! partner institutions, fostering collaboration in Research and Innovation.
The platform encourages collaborative projects, provides event updates, and promotes European partnerships. In the Agora you can:

  • Access to the R&I notice board: view, post and interact for research collaborations, project consortia and seed funding proposals.
  • Access to shared infrastructures and resources.
  • Be informed of upcoming events.

How does the IRIS Notice Board work?

  • Once you access the new Unite! Agora, under the R&I collaboration section you can select R&I proposals.
  • Here you can explore Research and Innovation proposals, written by the Unite! Community.
  • You will then be able to see proposal previews and subscribe to specific tags you are interested in, this way you’ll receive an email when a new proposal that may interest you is published.
  • You can contact any proposal for potential collaborations via a contact form, as well as sign up and create new R&I proposals, visible to the public!


Check out this quick tutorial on how to utilise this new tool!

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About IRIS project

Unite! Integrated Research and Innovation Services (IRIS) is a network that aims to boost the transformation of research and innovation in Unite! Universities. IRIS intends to promote international collaboration opportunities, designing R&I services.