International Networks

TU Darmstadt is a member of international networks which unite leading universities of technology in Europe and other countries worldwide. These networks support the pooling of interests and enhance the visibility of participating universities. They promote long-term and trusting collaborations, which provide the institutional framework for joint cooperations in research, teaching and administration.


Together with six European technical universities, in 2019 TU Darmstadt was awarded the title “European University” by the EU. The alliance known as UNITE! (University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering) is coordinated by TU Darmstadt. The aim is a to create a trans-European campus for students and scientists, involving regions and companies. Trans-European courses of study, scientific cooperation in teaching and research, and transnational knowledge transfer are to become a reality by 2025.


The Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research (CLUSTER) network consists of 12 leading universities of technology in Europe, including TU Darmstadt. Within the framework of CLUSTER, the European partners collaborate in the fields of education, teaching and research. They offer joint double degree programmes or write joint European Union research proposals.


The CESAER network consists of 55 members and aims at pooling the interests of universities of technology in Europe. The focus of this network is on topics such as establishing a joint European research environment.


T.I.M.E. stands for “Top Industrial Managers for Europe”. This network offers engineering-oriented double degree programmes with almost 50 universities of technology, including TU Darmstadt and French Grandes Écoles. It is the most traditional European network of engineering schools and universities of technology and it promotes exchange and double degree studies for university graduates all over Europe. The aim of this network is to offer a high-quality scientific engineering education to students which is embedded in intercultural experience.

European University Association (EUA)

It is EUA’s mission to develop a uniform and consistent university and research system. EUA supports its members as autonomous institutions and advises them with the aim of enhancing the quality of teaching and research and improving society’s involvement.

Deutsch-Französische Hochschule (DFH)

The Deutsch-Französische Hochschule (DFH), or German-French University, is a bi-national institute, founded in 1997 on the occasion of the German-French summit meeting in Weimar. The DFH is a network of more than 194 higher education institutions in Germany and France, which offers more than 140 study programs with the goal to intensify the collaboration between Germany and France in the fields of higher education, research and the training of the junior researchers.