Information about applying to work
in positions for academic or non-academic staff at TU Darmstadt

Are you interested in a position at our university or already in the process of applying? Here we answer the most important questions about applying to work at TU Darmstadt.

Frequently asked questions

The job posting will contain the contact details of the organizational unit that is advertising the job. This may be an institute or a subject area within a department, one of the central facilities or part of the university's administration, for example. Please contact them directly in the event of any related queries.

Please go to the TU Darmstadt job portal (, click on the job advertisement that interests you and then click on the “Apply now” button. You can then submit your application in the application form that opens.

Please use the TU Darmstadt job portal ( Please upload your detailed application (including the necessary documents) in the application management system.

Yes. Your application must be received by the specified deadline for applications. For applications sent by post, it is the date of the postmark that is relevant. Applications after the deadline cannot be considered.

The selection process is carried out decentrally by the unit that has posted the job.

All applicants will receive confirmation that their documents have been received. Typically, a selection of candidates is invited for an initial face-to-face interview within two to three weeks of the closing date. Further interviews are possible. The approval of the staff council (Personalrat) is requested as soon as a decision has been made. Following this, the application process is complete. Only then can rejection letters be sent out; this is usually two to three months after the closing date.

No. For legal reasons, no interim enquiries can be answered during an ongoing application process. We will be in touch with you as soon as the process is complete.

Please apply via the TU Darmstadt job portal ( and the associated application management system. Applications by e-mail or by post will also be considered, but will involve more work for us.

Yes. When the application process is over, we will return your application portfolio to you without being asked, unless otherwise specified.

Applications sent by e-mail are deleted. Applications in the application management system are deleted in accordance with the statutory deadlines.

Please send applications in response to specific job postings.

TU Darmstadt does not maintain any waiting lists or pool of applications. As a rule, therefore, speculative applications cannot be considered.

No. TU Darmstadt is unable to cover travel costs or other expenses incurred which may arise in connection with your application.

We look forward to welcoming you to TU Darmstadt as a new member of staff.

Usually we will require you to send further documents prior to your appointment. We will be in touch regarding this. Here is an overview of the documents that are required.

Vocational training at TU Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt provides vocational training opportunities in various areas. For more information about vocational training and to apply for an apprenticeship place, please click the link below. Apprentice vacancies are advertised in a list or through the job postings.

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