Erasmus Kittler Medal

Kittler Medal holders

The Erasmus Kittler Medal, founded 1977, honours individuals who have rendered outstanding personal services to TU Darmstadt. The medal can be awarded to TU members as well as external recipients. Any TU member can request the conferral of a Kittler Medal. The President decides on the conferral in agreement with the Vice President, following a Senate hearing.

The Medal is named after Erasmus Kittler, who was appointed to the world’s first university chair for Electrical Engineering at Technische Hochschule Darmstadt.


1990 until 1999

Name Title Awarded
Woernle, Hans-Theo Prof. Dr.-Ing. 06.02.1999
Brauer, Gertrud LtdMinR‘in.a.D. 26.05.1998
Stewart, Ute Prof. Dr. 06.11.1997
Küntzel, Peter   19.07.1997
Kübler, Felicia   18.07.1997
Cramer, Bernhard Prof. Dr.-Ing. 25.07.1995
Retzko, Hans-Georg Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing.E.h. 1995
Seifert, Karlernst Dipl.-Ing. 17.03.1994
Schuff, Hans-Otto   14.01.1994
Uebel, Horst   01.11.1993
Tzschach, Hans Prof. Dr. rer.nat. 08.07.1992
Piloty, Robert Prof. Dr.-Ing. 06.03.1991
Stutz, Karl Techn.Angest. 21.02.1991

1980 until 1989


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