Quiz Video for ProLOEWE Science Rallye

The participation deadline is over – winners have been notified!


Starting today, you can watch the WhiteBox quiz video, solve the task of measuring human reaction time and win great prizes! For children and adolescents 10 years and above.

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Question: How long is a person's reaction time?

Reaction time measurement task:

  • Set up a human chain with several people.
  • The first person nudges or taps the next, this person, when she notices it, nudges the next, and so on.
  • Pass on the “stimulus” at least 10 times.
  • Measure the time for the whole run-through (10 or more passes).
  • Calculate how long a pass takes on average for one person.
  • Repeat 3 times.
  • Write down the numbers (total time, number of passes, average reaction time per person)

IMPORTANT due to Corona:

  • Think about how you can get 10 or more passes when you have fewer people.
  • And: how you can bridge the corona-safe distance between you.
  • Take a photo of how you bridged the corona distance and organized your measurement.

Send the results of the 3 measurements and the photo until September 13 to:

TU Darmstadt
Center for Cognitive Science
Alexanderstrasse 10
64283 Darmstadt

From all the correct solutions received, 3 guided tours of the LOEWE project WhiteBox will be raffled.

Terms of participation: The quiz is aimed at children and teenagers aged 10 and above and their families with their main residence in Germany. Learn more

IMPORTANT: Talk to your parents before participating in the competition and have them fill out the declaration of consent (opens in new tab) for your participation in the ProLOEWE Science Rallye. Only then can we let you participate. Then send this together with your solution to the above address.

And now we wish you the best of luck!