Technology Transfer at Technical University of Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt views transferring research findings as one of its core tasks alongside research and teaching. The successful transfer of research findings also contributes to the fact that TU Darmstadt is an important player for economic growth and assumes an important role in addressing challenges facing society. Innovations, inventions and patents are highly valued at TU Darmstadt because they demonstrate a strong level of performance, promote the acquisition of third-party funding, help build the university's profile as well as support the promotion of start-ups.

TU Darmstadt pursues, amongst other things, the following goals when patenting and exploiting the expertise at the university:

  • Transferring research findings at TU Darmstadt into commercial applications for the benefit of society
  • Securing the legal rights to inventions, which is also the required prerequisite for future exploitation of these inventions
  • Highlighting the strong performance of TU Darmstadt Inventions and applications for intellectual property rights are indicators of the strength of the transfer of knowledge and technology
  • Supporting and promoting startups at TU Darmstadt by providing inventions and patents
  • Increasing the attractiveness and thus the value of the university as a cooperation partner for business and industry (as a partner for research and teaching)

You can download the Patenting and Exploitation Strategy of TU Darmstadt (in German).

Role of Technology Transfer Unit

The role of the Technology Transfer Unit in the Directorate for Research and Technology Transfer is to implement TU Darmstadt’s strategy for technology transfer. In particular, this is achieved by providing advisory services regarding patenting and exploitation strategies, support during the processes for registering inventions and, if relevant, making patent applications, as well as support for possible exploitation activities such as e.g. making contact with companies or searching for suitable funding and project partners for validating the technology.