Advertising, promotion and sponsoring
on campus

University marketing for your company

Reinforcing your employer branding is an important strategic measure in order to consistently attract the best applicants, and thus investment in the future of your company. We will be happy to advise you about your options for advertising, promotion and sponsoring on campus so that your company becomes known at TU Darmstadt.

Why your presence on campus at TU Darmstadt is worthwhile:

  • With increasing prominence of your name and your logo
    you strengthen the image of your company.
  • With your support at TU Darmstadt
    you demonstrate your commitment towards education and research.
  • With your presence in the heart of the TU campus
    you present yourself as an attractive employer to over 26,000 students.

Campus advertising

We offer you attractive formats for your message: poster frames, display systems, flyer distribution and selected sites for creative promotional campaigns.

You reach your target group with a targeted message.

Contact: Edgar Ambient Group GmbH
Kathrin Friesecke

+49 (0)40-31 99 20 33
+49 (0)173 79 61 745

Ads in the university newspaper hoch³

Contact: vmm Wirtschaftsverlag
Publishing director
Barbara Vogt
Kleine Grottenau 1
86150 Augsburg

0821 4405-432

hoch³ – The TU Darmstadt tabloid