xchange is our third output area that sits alongside teaching and research. We work together on an equal basis with partners from business, civil society, politics and culture to jointly develop future-focused and sustainable solutions for the great challenges that the world currently faces: xchange4transformation.

From transfer to xchange!

The Technical University of Darmstadt is a hub for innovation, bridging research and practice. As such, the third mission has always been of great importance. With xchange, we’re transforming ‘transfer’ into a partner-centred and multidirectional exchange process.

Our offerings

Picture: Axel Gross

Understanding and strategy

Our understanding of xchange and our strategy are the basis for our actions. What does partner-centred xchange mean? Upon what vision and values is our xchange strategy based? What structures are we creating to implement the strategy?

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Picture: Jannik Hoffmann

xchange Office

The xchange Office is a hub for the various xchange-related activities at the TU Darmstadt. The xchange office serves as the contact point for both our partners and the members of the TU in the departments who are involved in xchange, central services, central administration and other facilities.

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