Deutschlandstipendium at TU Darmstadt: Information for donors

Making talented individuals fit for the future by being a donor

The Deutschlandstipendium makes it very easy to support brilliant minds

Passion, courage and vision. These are qualities that define our best students. And a promising mix emerges at TU Darmstadt: 50% of our students are enrolled in engineering, 35% in natural sciences and 15% in humanities, social sciences and economics. At the boundaries of these subject areas, progress and innovation develop.

Whether the donors are companies, private individuals, benefactors or former members of the university, they are all united by one goal with the Deutschlandstipendium – they want to make young talents fit for the future.

Would you like to get involved as a donor?

Please get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss this with you and advise you without any obligation:

Mareile Vogler: 06151 16 27591;

Maren Hofmann: 06151 27595;

An overview of your options of providing support

Our account for donations:
Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Darmstadt
IBAN: DE83 5085 0150 0000 7643 70
Please be sure to state the following:
300 360 (cost centre)
563 00 761 (project number)

The special sponsor-student-matching at TU Darmstadt

DLS Matching-Prozess

Our special donor-student matching makes the Deutschlandstipendium your ideal personal recruiting instrument. It is because, as a scholarship provider, you can name the departments from which you would like to support students. When applying for a Deutschlandstipendium, our students specify their industry wishes. Through recommendations of the selection committee as well as with the help of a specially developed software, we achieve the best possible matching of wishes of both donor and student. Thus, valuable encounters and a lively network are created.

70% of the entrepreneurial donors have already been able to attract students to their company. This is the conclusion of the nationwide first study on the topic “Why are companies involved with the Deutschlandstipendium?”. The study was written at the beginning of 2017 at the Chair of Corporate Finance at TU Darmstadt and deals with the motives of entrepreneurial donors to give the Deutschlandstipendium. You can request it from us by sending an e-mail to .

Why to invest in our talents

As a company you secure your competitiveness by investing in the education of highly qualified future employees at TU Darmstadt. Here you can get involved through the Deutschlandstipendium. In the formative phase of university studies, your company become a partner to and supporter of our students. At the same time, you set a positive example for the future of the region and Germany as a business location.

Through your involvement as a private donor, friend or former member of TU Darmstadt you are able to give back to current TU students something of the support that you received yourself. The well-being of the next generation is particularly important to you and you can be active in helping to shape the world of tomorrow.

As a foundation you sustainably support the field of education, thus supporting the most important resource in our country, through the Deutschlandstipendium. In this way, you aid the younger generation, who, besides excellent academic achievements, want to intentionally assume responsibility for our society.