Political and economic assessment of green energy imports

Mini symposium of Research Area 4 (Political-economic analysis)


On 04 July 2022, Clean Circles scientists and speakers from Potsdam, Erfurt and Hamburg discussed political and economic indicators for assessing green energy imports.

Almudena Nunez (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Potsdam) and Prof. Andreas Goldthau (University of Erfurt) presented their sustainability and governance index for assessing green hydrogen imports into the EU. Prof. Franziska Müller and Tobias Kalt (Universität Hamburg) are developing a hydrogen justice Index. For the Clean Circles project, Mile Mišić and Prof. Kai Schulze (TU Darmstadt) elucidated the political and economic indicators developed for multi-criteria system analysis.


Prof. Michèle Knodt (Clean Circles FF4)

Assessing the EU’s green hydrogen import options: Towards a sustainability and governance index
Prof. Andreas Goldthau (University of Erfurt)
Almudena Nunez (IASS)

Hydrogen risks and hydrogen justice
Prof. Franziska Müller, Tobias Kalt (Universität Hamburg)

Political and economic indicators for multi-criteria systems analysis
Mile Mišić, Prof. Kai Schulze (TU Darmstadt)

Final discussion