Reconnecting materials and energy

Clean Circles researchers at the Heraeus seminar


Researchers from the Clean Circles project participated in the 773rd Seminar of the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Stiftung with presentations and poster contributions. The event took place in Bad Honnef from 23 to 27 October 2022 under the topic “Materials and Energy – New Directions for the Energiewende”.

Researchers of the Clean Circles project at the 773rd Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Seminar in Bad Honnef (from left:) Jannik Neumann, Thomas Krenn, Jonas Spielmann, Janik Hebel, Dr.-Ing. Tao Li (associated), Bich-Diep Nguyen, Johannes Mich.

The seminar was also attended by scientists from other research projects that also focus on metals as energy carriers for various applications, and there was an opportunity for mutual exchange about future synergies with Clean Circles.

The programme included lectures by renowned researchers such as Prof. Linda Nazar (University of Waterloo, Canada), Prof. Jeffrey Bergthorson (McGill University, Canada) or Prof. Dierk Raabe (Max Planck Institute for Iron Research). They informed the participants about the current state of research in the fields of circular economy, metallic energy sources, environmentally friendly steel production or high-energy battery technology.

The Clean Circles team would like to thank the organisers and the Heraeus foundation for the successful and informative seminar.

The Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung is a private foundation that supports research and eduction in science with an emphasis on physics. It is recognized as Germany's most important private institution funding physics. Some of the activities of the foundation are carried out in close cooperation with the German Physical Society (DPhG).

Presentations and poster contributions from Clean Circles

  • Preliminary techno-economic assessment of iron as energy carrier (Jannik Neumann)
  • Investigation of iron particle combustion behavior in the exhaust gas of a methane Bunsen flame (Thomas Krenn)
  • Iron as fuel – Investigating the thermochemical oxidation fo iron particles via Mössbauer spectroscopy (Jonas Spielmann)
  • Particle velocity measurements of gas-assisted iron dust flames in a swirl stabilized combustion chamber (Janik Hebel)
  • Visualization of single iron particle combustion in laminar flow conditions (Tao Li)
  • Combustion of individual iron micro-particles with resolved boundary layers (Bich-Diep Nguyen)
  • A comparison of mechanistic models for the combustion of iron microparticles and their application to polydisperse iron-air-suspensions (Johannes Mich)

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