Your scholarship - more than just money

Make the most of this opportunity!

With the Deutschlandstipendium (DLS), you have an additional 300 euros per month available for one year. Congratulations! What next? The Deutschlandstipendium can do a lot more for you than fill your bank account. How? Ask your fellow scholarship holders.

The scholarship holders of 2016 submitted their wishes to the scholarship program along with suggestions for their realisation during an idea workshop. Image: Team Deutschlandstipendium

Make more of the Deutschlandstipendium (DLS) – it can open doors, help building networks and enhance communication with your fellow scholarship holders.

There are many ideas about how to make the best of it. These ideas have been gathered in the “Mehr als nur Geld – das Beste aus dem Deutschlandstipendium machen” workshop (more than just money – make the best of the Deutschlandstipendium) attended by more than 150 scholarship holders. They came together at the start of 2016 to discuss and shape their ideas of a successful DLS year.

Shape your DLS year, give it purpose and make it a success.

Our tips for a successful DLS year:

Benefit from the experiences of other fellow scholarship holders. Network and contribute!

How is it done?

1. Network with your sponsor

The scholarship ceremony takes place every year in January to help you connect with your sponsors. In previous years, this led to valuable contacts.

This year’s scholarship ceremony was held on 22 January 2020. Impressions of a great ceremony.

2. Network with one another

Network with your fellow scholarship holders, and also get in touch with previous scholarship holders!

Step 1: Moodle Enrol in the “Deutschlandstipendium TU Darmstadt” group. You get the access data from Ms Julia Löw:
Step 2: Facebook Join our Facebook group at: Deutschlandstipendium @ TU Darmstadt
Step 3: Get-together Share your experiences with others in person at the next get-together. Or help organise the next get-together. Become a member of the get-together group on Moodle. You get the get-together dates via Moodle and Facebook.

Interested? Tell the “Deutschlandstipendium TU Darmstadt” Moodle group!