Ensuring good scientific practice

TU Darmstadt attaches the highest importance to safeguarding good scientific practice. With the Senate resolution of July 13th, 2022, it has given itself corresponding rules to implement the Code "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice" of the German Research Foundation (DFG). These are formulated in two statutes.

Principles for safeguarding good scientific practice

The statutes commit the TU Darmstadt to the general principles of good scientific practice. These include, in particular, working lege artis, i.e. in accordance with the methods, maintaining strict honesty with regard to one's own and third parties' contributions, consistently questioning all results oneself, and permitting and promoting critical discourse in the scientific community.

The statutes also define the organizational responsibility for implementation, the appointment of ombudspersons, the handling of cases of suspected scientific misconduct. It makes statements on scientific methods and documentation needs, publications and authorship, as well as data management and archiving.

Satutes – Principles for safeguarding good scientific practice at TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab)

Orientierungshilfe bei Verdacht auf wissenschaftliches bzw. prüfungsrechtliches Fehlverhalten an der TU Darmstadt (in German only) (opens in new tab)

Misconduct Investigation Procedure at TU Darmstadt

In case of suspicion of scientific misconduct, the TU Darmstadt defines the rules of procedure in its own statutes. Within this procedure, the ombudspersons have a special role. The independent ombudspersons advise all members or affiliates of the university in questions of good scientific practice and in questions of suspected scientific misconduct. As far as possible, tehy contribute to a solution-oriented conflict mediation. The advice given is strictly confidential.

If you wish, you can have an informal, confidential consultation with one of the trusted persons, which is not yet part of the preliminary examination process.

Statutes – Proceedings in cases of alleged scientific misconduct at TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab)

Handreichung für den Umgang mit Verdachtsfällen auf wissenschaftliches Fehlverhalten in Prüfungsarbeiten (in German only) (opens in new tab)

Ombudspersons at TU Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt's senate has appointed three ombudspersons on equal terms:

Prof.'in Dr. Nina Janich

Prof. Dr. Harald Kolmar

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Thiel

You are free to choose which ombudsperson you approach – this ombudsperson is then responsible for the entire procedure until its conclusion (incl. appeals procedure), provided there is no conflict of interest. It is not possible to initiate a second or parallel procedure on the same allegation by approaching another ombudsperson.

Consulting committee appointed by DFG and further information

Here you can find the official Code of Conduct and further information by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Here you will find The German Research Ombudsman (Ombudsman für die Wissenschaft), a committee appointed by the German Research Foundation that assists all scientists and researchers in Germany when it comes to questions and conflicts related to good scientific practice (GSP) and scientific integrity.