Prof. Dr. Jayant K. Singh

Area of research: Molecular simulation, thermodynamics of confined fluids and wetting transitions

Name of my University / Research Institute: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India

Research period at the TU Darmstadt: 2012-2013

Prof. Dr. Jayant K. Singh.

Questionnaire to the Research Fellow

My field of research is fascinating. To laymen I would explain it in the following comprehensible manner:

Using the intermolecular forces, we study the behaviour of fluids near solid surfaces using computer simulations. The understanding of the above is envisaged to help in the design of smart materials that could play an important role in the development of more efficient and smarter sensors, solar panels, biocompatible surfaces etc.

My most important success in research to date is:

The development of free-energy perturbation methods for calculating thermodynamics properties.

I’ve chosen the TU Darmstadt because…

it is one of the leading institutes in the world where a group led by Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe is intensively working on smart interfaces. Since my goal of the research stay was to explore more in the area of smart interfaces hence Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe ‘s group was a natural choice for me.

Prof. Müller-Plathe with Prof. Singh.
Prof. Müller-Plathe with Prof. Singh.

If I were a student today, I would be working harder with lots of reading.

The perfect balance to a stressful working day is to spend the evening with your loved ones.

With the help of my host in Darmstadt I would like to develop more insight into the nature of interfacial fluids for the design of smart interfaces.

Questionnaire for the host

Guest of: Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe

Department: Chemistry

You appreciate in your guest / your guest favourably impressed you by his enthusiasm, his professionalism and above all his wonderful personality.

You, your team and the TU Darmstadt benefit from your guest’s…

We share an interest in wetting phenomena and we pool our complementary expertise. We hope that Prof. Singh’s visit will be the start of a long and fruitful collaboration between our groups. Plus: our young researchers enjoy the dialog with an experienced and established scientist.

Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe.
Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe.