Dr. Hong Liu

Age: 32

Area of research:

polymer physics; soft condensed matter; computer simulation

Name of my University / Research Institute: Institute of Theoretical Chemistry, Jilin University, China

Research period at the TU Darmstadt:

July 1st, 2015 to July 31st, 2016

Questionnaire to the Research Fellow

My field of research is fascinating. To laymen I would explain it in the following comprehensible manner:

My field of research is fascinating. We basically study the properties of polymers on computer. Using appropriate force fields, we can faithfully describe the behavior of polymers in different conditions. Consequently, macroscopic properties of materials can be partially reflected. By studying the interaction of polymers with other medium, e.g., nanoparticle or solid surface, the simulation can be applied to validate and predict profound experimental phenomena. This kind of study commonly sheds light on better control and design of new functional polymeric materials.

My most important success in research to date is…

I have developed a stochastic reaction model which can be applied to study the behavior of reactive polymer systems. One specific study based on this model is applicable to simplify the instrumental analysis procedure in experiment.

I’ve chosen the TU Darmstadt because of…

the prestige of the host Prof. Müller-Plathe in my field, as well as the academic atmosphere of this university.

Dr. Hong Liu with Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe.
Dr. Hong Liu with Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe.

If I were a student today, I would…

focus on more general courses that can open my eyes instead of the specialized courses.

The perfect balance to a stressful working day is…

taking one hour to make the brain out of work, for example doing some sports or talking with others about recent new movies with a cup of coffee.

With the help of my host in Darmstadt I would like to…

make progress in my scientific career, learn how to be a scientific leader, as well as the art of getting along with group members. Also some positive activities of this group need to be transferred back to China (like the group tea talk hour in Wednesday afternoon, and the one-to-one talk with group members every semester).

Questionnaire for the host

Guest of: Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe

Department: Department of Chemistry

You appreciate in your guest / your guest favourably impressed you by…

his solid scientific experience and his upbeat spirit.

You, your team and the TU Darmstadt benefit from your guest’s…

complementary expertise, which allows synergies and leads to long-lasting scientific collaboration.

Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe.
Prof. Dr. Florian Müller-Plathe.