Dr. Zhiguang Song

Age: 30

Area of research: Structural vibration and control, nonlinear dynamics, aerothermoelastic analysis

Name of my University / Research Institute: City University of Hong Kong

Research period at the TU Darmstadt:

01.10.2016 to 31.03.2018 (AvH Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers)

Dr. Zhiguang Song.

Questionnaire to the Research Fellow

My field of research is fascinating. To laymen I would explain it in the following comprehensible manner:

In mechanical engineering, there often are unwanted vibrations, especially in structures exposed to airflow. Under the coupling of aerodynamic pressure, elastic force and inertial force, a self-excited vibration called flutter may happen. Flutter can be quite harmful to aeroelastic structures. The flutter characteristics of structures in airflow, and the active flutter are an important research topic and this is my field of research. It has important applications in the design of aircrafts.

My most important success in research to date is…

that I have studied the aerothermoelastic properties and active flutter control of structures in supersonic airflow, including the aerothermoelastic behavior and flutter suppression of laminated structures, lattice sandwich structures and functionally graded CNT reinforced composite structures.

I’ve chosen the TU Darmstadt because of…

the reputation of the university and the fame of my host Prof. Peter Hagedorn.

Zhiguang Song with his host Professor Peter Hagedorn (right).
Zhiguang Song with his host Professor Peter Hagedorn (right).

If I would be a student today, …

I would study hard in the basic courses of mechanics, like vibration mechanics and elasto-mechanics and so on, because for a scholar, the basic courses in their fields of research are quite important to deepen and broaden their research.

The perfect balance to a stressful working day is…

to do sports, like running and football, or to watch a football match, since I am a football fan.

With the help of my host in Darmstadt I would like to…

deepen my research on nonlinear dynamics and vibration control. Prof. Hagedorn is a world famous professor in mechanics. He has done a lot of work on nonlinear dynamics of mechanical structures and systems. I look forward to learn from Prof. Hagedorn and his research team.

Questionnaire for the host

Guest of: Prof. Dr. Peter Hagedorn

Department: Mechanical Engineering, fnb (Prof. Schäfer), Dynamics and Vibrations Group

Your guest favourably impressed you by…

his ample and deep knowledge in many topics of dynamics and vibrations, and by his original contributions to the field.

You, your team and the TU Darmstadt benefit from your guest’s …

research work in dynamic stability. Also, of course bright young researchers, like Dr. Song, always are extremely beneficial to any research team, not only because of their research activity but because they widen the horizon of the research team.

Prof. Dr. Peter Hagedorn.
Prof. Dr. Peter Hagedorn.