Professor Dr Arman Sadeghi

Age: 39

My research areas: Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

Name of my University / Research Institute: University of Kurdistan

Research period at the TU Darmstadt: October 2021 to September 2023

Professor Dr Arman Sadeghi

My field of research is fascinating. The best way to explain it to non-specialists is…

It is pertinent to fluid flow as well as heat and mass transfer in miniaturized devices. The best way to explain it to non-specialists is to provide them with a real life example in which my research findings contribute to its development. Today, almost everyone has a laptop. The evolution from the old building-sized computers to modern laptops was not possible without finding solutions to the extremely high heat generation rates in modern microprocessors. One goal of my research is to develop methods to spread the heat generated by microprocessors.

What research questions are you currently working on?

We are currently working on a series of problems including modelling of hotspots in microprocessors using efficient approximate methods, hydrodynamic dispersion by pressure-driven flow in complex microchannels, mass transport in multiphase parallel microflows, and control of droplets in a Hele-Shaw cell utilizing electric fields. The last topic is the one I am working on during my research stay at TU Darmstadt.

My most important success in research to date is…

…to win a Humboldt research fellowship. The competition for Humboldt research fellowships is quite tough because all researchers throughout the world from all disciplines can apply for these prestigious fellowships. Via this fellowship, I can further develop my research profile by gaining experience from my host research group at TU Darmstadt, especially with respect to experimental microfluidics.

Professor Arman Sadeghi (right) with his host Professor Steffen Hardt in the lab
Professor Arman Sadeghi (right) with his host Professor Steffen Hardt in the lab

I have chosen TU Darmstadt because …

…of different reasons, the most important of which is the fact that TU Darmstadt is home to one of the most prestigious microfluidic research groups in Europe that is led by Professor Hardt. Moreover, I always prefer small cities to populous cities and Darmstadt is a beautiful small city with nice people. Finally, Darmstadt is close to the Frankfurt central station and Frankfurt international airport through which it is possible to easily go everywhere in Germany and other European countries.

What reputation does German research enjoy in your home country?

The German people are considered as smart, hardworking, and orderly persons in Iran and Germany is considered as home to many successful companies especially those pertinent to mechanical engineering. Regarding research, it is well-known in Iran that the research conducted by the German scientists is closely related to practical applications and it, hence, contributes significantly to the development of new technologies. If we adopt a historical point of view, a considerable amount of all the credit for the development of many fundamental sciences goes to the German scientists.

What lasting impressions will you take back home with you from your time in Darmstadt and Germany?

The most lasting impression that I will take back home with me is the extremely high respect for humanity in Germany. For example, when you go out with a baby buggy everyone wants to open the doors for you and help you get on trams. The sidewalks are built such that those who are on wheelchair can easily go everywhere they want. When pedestrians approach streets the drivers stop their cars immediately to allow them easily cross the street. I can provide many more examples but I think these three examples suffice to show how much the Germans show respect for humanity.

Questionnaire for the host

Professor Dr Steffen Hardt
Professor Dr Steffen Hardt

Guest of: Professor Dr Steffen Hardt

Department: Mechanical Engineering

What did you appreciate most about your guest or what is it that impressed you most favourably …

I have already known Professor Sadeghi for a number of years, we already collaborated scientifically and published a joint paper, although we have never met in person before he joined my group. He is currently taking a quite similar path in research as I have taken: Starting from theoretical research, he is in the process of picking up experimental activities. I very much appreciate his clear mathematical approach that is rooted in a fundamental understanding of the physical processes playing a role for a specific process. From such a clear mathematical picture he progresses to a broader understanding of a problem.

You, your team and TU Darmstadt benefit from your guest’s …

… strong analytical thinking, enthusiasm for science and his kindness.