FAQs Reservation and moving in

Here you will find answers to general questions regarding reservations and moving into the TU Darmstadt guest houses.

You may request a reservation the Housing Assistance office . Generally apartments are booked based on the time at which the request was received, taking into consideration the conditions for eligibility for accommodation.

The apartments in TU Darmstadt’s guest houses are rented to guests of TU Darmstadt in accordance with the following priorities

1. Visiting researchers from abroad.

2. Postdoctoral researchers from abroad.

3. PhD students and research fellows from abroad

4. Professors, visiting researchers, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and research fellows of German nationality who are coming from abroad.

5. In exceptional cases, German national researchers may be entitled to a residency in the guest house (e.g. for a transition period in which to find accommodations in Darmstadt).

Apartments are rented on a monthly basis, so one month is the minimal rental period. The lease agreement always begins on the first day of the month.

Due to a very high demand, making a reservation for an apartment is recommended as soon as possible. There is however no specific advance booking time required.

The lease agreement begins on the first day of the month. The house management will communicate with you prior to your arrival to clarify exactly when you can move in and how you can access your key.

The lease agreement will end at 10 a.m. on the last day of the last month of the rental period. The house management will coordinate your move-out with you. You must move out by 10 a.m. on the last day of the rental period at the latest.

Visitors may stay in your apartment for up to a maximum period of 14 nights. Please inform house management in advance about the name of your guest and length of their stay.

EXCEPTION: In our 1-room studio apartments, we limit guest stays to 2 nights.

Each apartment has a capacity limit. If having a guest does not exceed that capacity, there is no fee for guests. If your guest puts you over the apartment's capacity or if you request a guest bed, an additional fee of 10.70 € (incl. 7 % VAT) per person/per night will be charged.

We have guest beds available that are allocated taking into account the order in which the requests were received. If necessary, because you do not have any additional to spare in your apartment, we will provide the bed linens as well.