A home away from home for international researchers!

Every year TU Darmstadt welcomes a large number of international academics who come to the university to research and teach. The guests from all over the world will find a home away from home in one of the 56 apartments located in our two guest houses. Our Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus provides visting researchers modern accommodations on the Lichtwiese campus.


If you are interested in renting an apartment in a TU Darmstadt guest house, please fill out our online Questionnaire for Renters. For any further questions please contact the Directorate International Affairs' .

The apartments

Whether you come alone, as a family or a couple – a total of 38 apartments (with between 1 and 3½ rooms) provide ample opportunity for international visiting researchers and scholars to find a suitable accommodation. The apartments in the three-storey building are furnished and fully equipped. Washing machines and dryers as well as a communal room with a kitchen are on site. It is also possible to rent a parking space on the premises.

The apartments are available for international professors, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and visiting researchers.

Kitchen appliances of an 1-room apartement. Photographer: David Klimza

The apartments in Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus are fully equipped and ready for occupancy. It is therefore not necessary to bring any of your own furniture or kitchen appliances. You can find a sample overview of the equipment below.


  • refrigerator
  • dishwasher (in apartments larger than 1-room)
  • oven or microwave (1-room-apartments)
  • coffee machine, electric kettle
  • glasses, cups, plates
  • cutlery
  • cookware, pans, bowls


  • towels
  • bedding and bed linens
  • hairdryer
  • television (in all apartments 48 m² or larger)
  • waste bins
  • washing machines, dryers (located in the basement)


  • WLAN
  • two stairways
  • cellar storage space
  • bike storage area and parking spaces
  • storage room for baby carriages
  • common room with kitchen and TV

Lease period and rates

The apartments in the guest house can be rented for periods from one month up to twelve months (without children) or up to 18 months (with children).

New rent prices went into effect on 1 January 2020, which differ from the prices listed here.The new prices will be available online in March 2020.

You can download the German Regulation on Operating Costs here.

Apartment size Monthly rent
(incl. 7 % tax)
1-room apartments
25 m² 589.84 €
1.5-2.5-room apartments
37 m² 788.24 €
48 m² 921.91 €
55 m² 1,071.07 €
60 m² 1,138.27 €
71 m² 1,249.71 €
3.5-room apartments
77 m² 1,314.12 €
84 m² 1,433.59 €

FAQs – Guest house Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus

1.1. How can I request an apartment in the guest house?
You may request a reservation the Housing Services office (http://www. Generally apartments are booked based on the time at which the request was received, taking into consideration the entitlement to residency (see 1.2.).
1.2. Who is permitted to reside in the guest house?
The apartments in TU Darmstadt’s guesthouses are rented to guests of TU Darmstadt in accordance with the following priorities
1. Guest researches from abroad.
2. Postdoctoral researchers from abroad.
3. PhD students and research fellows from abroad
4. Professors, guest researchers, Postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and research fellows of German nationality that live abroad at the time of their application.
5. In exceptional cases, researchers of German nationality may be entitled to a residency in the guest house (e.g. for a transition period in which to find accommodations in Darmstadt)
1.3. Is there a minimum rental period?
The apartments may only be rented on a monthly basis. This means that the apartments have to be rented for a minimum of 1 month starting on the first day of the month.
1.4. How far in advance should I reserve an apartment?
Due to a very high demand, making a reservation for an apartment is recommended as soon as possible. There is not a specific advance booking time required.
2.1. When does the rent need to be paid?
The monthly rent must be paid the third working day of the month at the latest.
2.2. May I pay the rent in cash?
No, cash payment is not possible. The rent has to be paid on a monthly basis to the bank account stated in the lease agreement. If the payment of the rent is transferred by the university department, please inform us.
2.3. Do you issue an invoice for the rent?
We do not write a separate invoice for the rent. If you need any form of verification of your rental costs, the signed lease agreement serves this purpose.
2.4. What additional costs will I have to pay?
A general cleaning expense between 55 € and 120 € (plus 19 % VAT) depending on apartment size will be charged to the tenant. If extra cleaning is considered necessary, costs between 22 € and 35 € per hour (plus 19 % VAT) according to time and effort will be charged. The cleaning charge shall be deducted from the rent deposit.
2.5. Are utility costs included in the rent?
Yes, the utility costs (water, electricity, etc.) are included in the rent. The general cleaning charge is the only additional charge that you will incur.
2.6. Do I have to pay for the ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio fee collection service?
The fee collection service is paid centrally by the TU Darmstadt during your stay at the guest house Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus. The collection service will contact you anyway. Please drop the letter off in our office.
2.7. Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes. The lease agreement will only become legally binding if the deposit is made. he deposit (which amounts to 2 x basic rent) has to be transferred 4 months prior to the start of the lease agreement or within 14 days after receiving the lease agreement when the move-in date is less than 4 months away.
2.8. When will my deposit be returned to me?
The deposit will be refunded within 4 weeks after the end of the tenancy, following the deduction of any costs arising from claims made by the lessor (a general cleaning, amongst other items)
3.1. How many people may reside in the apartments?
  • 1.0 room (25m²) for 1 person
  • 1.5 rooms (37m²) for up to 2 people (plus a child)
  • 2.0 rooms (48m²) for up to 2 people (plus a child)
  • 2.5 rooms (55m²) for up to 3 people (plus a child up to 3 years old)
  • 2.5 rooms (60m²) for up to 4 people (plus a child up to 3 years old)
  • 2.5 rooms (71m²) for up to 3 people (plus a child up to 3 years old)
  • 3.5 rooms (77m²) for up to 5 people (plus a child up to 3 years old)
  • 3.5 rooms (84m²) for up to 5 people (plus a child up to 3 years old)
3.2. Are apartments for smokers available?
No. The guest house has a smoking ban.
3.3. Are pets permitted?
No. Pets are not permitted in the guest house.
3.4. How are the apartments equipped?
All apartments in the Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus are completely furnished and equipped; they are ready to move in to. Use the following link to find an overview of detailed information concerning the equipment and furniture. (Equipment and facilities)
3.5. Are TVs available in the apartment?
All apartments that are 48 m² or larger are equipped with TVs.
3.6. Are Internet and telephone services available in the guest house?
You may use the free Internet in the guest house. WLAN and an Ethernet port are available in your apartment. Internet registration is done using either over your eduroam account or your TU-ID. If you do not have access to eduroam, do not have a TU-ID or have any further questions concerning this issue, please contact the department you will be working for. A landline telephone is not available.
3.7. Are washing machines available in the apartment?
Washing and drying laundry is not permitted in the apartments. In the washing room in the cellar there are three washing machines (2.50 € per wash) and two dryers (1.50 € per use). A drying room to hang up laundry is also available.
3.8. Is bicycle parking available?
Yes. Bicycle racks are available across the guest house.
3.9. Are parking spots available?
Yes. There are 11 parking spots available on the premises of the building. You may rent a parking spot for 22.61 Euro per month.
3.10. Does the guest house have an elevator?
No, there is not an elevator available in the guest house.
3.11. Are there disabled accessible apartments available?
No. However all the apartments on the ground floor (8 in total) have barrier-free access. The showers are also no-threshold.
4.1. When is it possible to move in?
The lease agreement begins on the first day of the month. The house management will communicate with you prior to your arrival to clarify exactly when you can move in and how you can access your key.
4.2. How will I receive my keys if I move in outside the office hours?
If the month begins on a weekend or a legal holiday, you will receive access to the keys through a key safe or your department can pick them up for you (upon prior arrangement).
4.3. What do I have to do before I move out of the guest house?
The house management will coordinate your move-out with you. You will be contacted regarding this about 3-4 weeks prior to the end your contract. You must move out by 10 a.m. on the last day of the rental period at the latest.
5.1. What equipment is available for children?
The guest house has child-friendly beds, desks, chairs, high chairs, blackboards, etc. available for usage.
5.2.. Are there play and other activities for families and children near the guest house?
The university stadium (50m from the guest house) offers many recreational activities. Entry is free for students and employees of the TU Darmstadt as well as their children through age 6. Among other things the stadium offers a playground and paddling pool. This and other activities are offered through the Unisport-Centre (website in German only).
5.3. Are there any day care options for children?
TU Darmstadt’s family services offers support with questions concerning child care, about schools or other institutions, and about organizing career and family responsibilities. They will also provide you with information concerning community centers in Darmstadt. You can find more information under the following contact data:
Tel.: +49 6151 16-26567
6.1. Is it possible to cancel the apartment on short notice?
A termination of the lease agreement and a full repayment of the deposit are possible without extra charge three months or longer in advance before the beginning of the lease and only when subject to prior consultation. If the lease agreement is terminated from three months before the beginning of the lease, an administration fee of 15% of the net monthly rent will be charged. With the termination of the lease from 2 months before the beginning of the lease, an administration fee of 35% of the net monthly rent will be charged. If the termination of the lease amounts to two months before the beginning of the lease, an administration fee of one net monthly rent must be paid.
6.2. What are the terms of notice with an early termination of the lease agreement?
Early termination of the lease agreement is possible only when subject to prior consultation with the housing office at least two months prior to the end of the term of the lease. Any loss of rent revenues arising from such termination shall be borne by the lessee, even in the case of termination without notice (Para. 2, Section 7 of the lease agreement). In the case that a new renter (Lessee) is found, an administration fee of 60.-€ will accrue to the Lessee two months prior to the end of the lease period. If the early termination of the lease agreement occurs one month prior to the end of the lease period, a fee of 35% of the gross rent will be charged. In the case that a new renter (Lessee) cannot be found, the gross rent must be paid. The right of the Lessee to terminate the lease agreement in accordance with statutory provisions remains hereof unaffected.
6.3. How long am I allowed to reside in the guest house and is it possible to extend the lease agreement?
The maximum duration of residency is 12 months without children and 18 months with children. An extension is only possible in special cases and upon a written request. In the case of repeated stays by guest researchers in TU Darmstadt guest houses, the cumulative length of stay may be extended for up to 30 months.
6.4. What happens if my lease agreement has expired and I urgently need an apartment?
The Housing Services office as part of the Office for International Student Services and Housing supports you in the search for an accommodation. Please register in a timely manner:

Tel. 06151 16-26689 (Mo-Fr: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.)
7.1. What is the exact address of the Otto-Wolfskehl House?
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Gästehaus Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus
Nieder-Ramstädterstr. 130
64285 Darmstadt
7.2. When are the opening hours of the house management office?
The house management office (called Verwaltung in German) is on the ground floor of the guest house (room 00.01) and has following opening hours:
Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Tel.: +49 6151 16-26685
7.3. Whom may I consult outside the office hours?
In urgent cases that are outside the office hours you may call or write an e-mail to:
Tel.: +49 6151 16-26682 (Mo-Fr: 13:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.)

How to reach Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus

Site plan Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus (H1|82)

Otto-Wolfskehl-Haus (buidling H1|82) is located right next to the university stadium (Hochschulstadion) on Campus Lichtwiese. You can download a campus map here.


Nieder-Ramstädter Str. 130
64285 Darmstadt

…by train & public transport

If you arrive at the central railway station, you can reach the city center (Luisenplatz) by tram (e.g. lines 2, 3, 5) or bus (e.g. lines F, H, K). Here you have to take tram line 2 or 9 (direction Böllenfalltor) and get off at Hochschulstadion. The guest house is located just few meters across the street.

Alternatively you can reach the Campus Lichtwiese directly with a train or bus line K from the central railway station. We would like to point out that you will then have a somewhat longer distance to walk (10-15 minutes) to reach the guest house.

…by car

You can reach Darmstadt by motorway A5 (direction Frankfurt/M. or Heidelberg/Basel) or A67 (direction Köln/Wiesbaden or Mannheim). TU Darmstadt campuses “Lichtwiese” and “Innenstadt” (downtown) are well signposted.

Leave the motorway to Darmstadt Stadtmitte and follow Rheinstraße straightforward to the Cityring-tunnel. Leave the tunnel through the left exit. (This will put you on Hügelstrasse.) At the end of Hügelstraße you have to turn right in Nieder-Ramstädter Straße. Follow Nieder-Ramstädter Straße for about 1.5 km and turn left (at the light at the tram stop Hochschulstadion) in Lichtwiesenweg. The guest house is the 5th building on the right.