FAQs: Termination and cancelation

Here you will find answers to general questions regarding termination or cancellation of an apartment reservation in the TU Darmstadt guest houses.

A mutually agreed cancellation of the rental contract and repayment of the deposit is possible. The amount of the deposit that is refunded depends on how far in advance the termination is made.

Three or more months before the start of the contract: the termination is free of charge and the deposit is refunded in full.

Between two and three months before the start of the contract: a flat-rate expense allowance of 15% of the monthly net rent is deducted from the deposit before it is refunded.

Between one and two months prior to the start of the contract: An expense allowance amounting to 35% of the monthly net rent will be charged.

In the event of cancellation less than one month before the start of the rental period: a lump sum for expenses will be charged at the rate of a monthly net rent. In this case, if another tenant is found to rent the apartment specified in the contract from the originally agreed start of the rental period, the flat rate is reduced to 35% of the monthly net rent.

An early termination of the lease agreement is only possible in agreement with the property management and must be announced at least two months before the termination of the tenancy.

Any loss of rent incurred, even in the case of termination without notice as defined in §2, paragraph 7, (according to the lease agreement) are to be paid by the tenant.

If a new tenant can be found for the apartment, an administration fee of 60,-€ will be charged. If the early termination of the rental agreement is requested one month before the desired new end of the rental period, an administrative fee of 35% of the gross rent will be charged. If no new tenant is found, the full rent is payable.

The maximum duration of residency is 12 months without children and 18 months with children. In the case of repeated stays by visiting researchers in TU Darmstadt guest houses, the cumulative length of stay may be extended for up to 30 months.

An extension is to be requested in writing. It will only be possible in special cases dependent upon availability of an apartments.

The International Affairs Directorate's Housing Assistance office will support you in your search for an accommodation. Please register with them in a timely manner: