Equality Grant
for the promotion of early career researchers with family responsibilities or physical disabilities

PhD students and postdocs are often confronted with special challenges in reconciling family and academic career as well as in the case of physical impairment. Temporary employment contracts, irregular working hours, expected mobility and changing places of work make it difficult to reconcile an academic career with family responsibilities. This includes the care of children as well as relatives.

Equality Grant for the promotion of early career reserachers with family responsibilities or physical disabilities

What is the equality grant?

For scientists with family responsibilities or physical disabilities, the TU Darmstadt would like to establish an equalisation of disadvantages (refund of additional costs). The Equality Grant will be established in order to recognise the special challenges faced by scientists.

Who can apply?

Doctoral candidates and postdocs who have to reckon with significant additional costs in pursuing their scientific career either due to physical handicaps or special circumstances in reconciling family and science.

What can be funded?

Applications can be submitted in connection with research-relevant activities within the framework of scientific further development.

Examples are

  • Financing of caregiver or accompanying persons for research-relevant activities
  • Extension of childcare hours beyond regular childcare in the last three months of the dissertation, the completion of research projects and other particular time constraints
  • Applications to relieve the time burden on researchers by financing student and/or scientific assistants in special cases, e.g. return from parental leave, absence due to physical impairment, etc.
  • Pro-rata subsidies for school or childcare costs incurred during a research stay abroad

Additional costs incurred in connection with research-related activities in the context of further scientific development can be reimbursed, up to a maximum of 500 EUR. The career phase in which the applicant scientist is currently working is taken into account. Doctoral researchers receive 50 percent of the reimbursable additional costs, postdocs receive 100 percent. Up to two applications per person per year can be approved.

How can I apply?

Applications may be submitted at any time.

Please complete the Equality Grant application form (opens in new tab) and email it to .

Please attach the following documents:

  • Information on research-related activities (e.g. conference programme or invitation to a research stay)
  • Cost calculation of the expected additional costs