at Glass Competence Center

Overview of all Courses at GCC

For the academic training of future specialists, the Glass Competence Center offers the opportunity to synergistically combine theory and practice in five different courses. Information on the individual courses is listed below.

Transparent and yet load-bearing

Glass and plastics have gained a firm place as constructive materials in engineering. When glass is used in construction, the focus is usually on its high transparency as a special property. However, the material properties of glass require special attention in construction, design and dimensioning. In combination with plastics, however, it is possible today to meet constructional, safety-related and building physics requirements with glazing and all-glass constructions.

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Just gluing? Does it hold?

In the course, the continuum mechanical basics of the material models are first dealt with. In addition to theoretical lecture content, the special measurement features when working with polymer materials are also addressed. In particular, various failure and damage models are therefore discussed in detail and an insight is given into the current research fields of the Institute of Statics and Design.

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From material properties to problems in practice

This course offers the opportunity to deepen knowledge in the field of glass technology in relation to façades and façade constructions. Project examples are used to analyse the construction principles of various glass façade systems. Alongside this, the course focuses on the material properties of glass and what this means for engineers and architects working with this material.

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Multifunctional Requirements of Façade Systems in the Future

This program deals with the mutual dependencies between façade construction and building. Special attention is paid to construction principles, system solutions, physical and functional requirements against the background of current trends in the field of façades and construction technologies. Theoretically taught basics are directly applied and thus show the students important aspects of the everyday life of a façade planner.

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Material, sources of error and practice

The course Facade Technology II deals with the materials used in facade constructions. An understanding of the material-related constructive dependencies is developed and knowledge of the usual material-specific system solutions is imparted. Particular attention is paid to potential sources of error and damage.

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