Advisory Council on Research-oriented Equality of Opportunity

The Advisory Council on Research-oriented Equality of Opportunity advises the Executive Board of the TU Darmstadt on matters concerning activities, decisions, and developments related to gender equality.

The members regard themselves as a panel whose task is to generate ideas on how to implement research-oriented gender equality at the level of early career researchers as well as finding ideas for the recruitment of female professors while taking into consideration the diverse specific needs and situations of the departments and their individual cultures. The council supports the TU Darmstadt by further developing the existing approaches, defining processes that are still open and establishing criteria for the distribution of funds.

Aims and Duties

  • Advise the Executive Board
  • Review existing programmes and processes
  • Express recommendations under consideration of departmental cultures
  • Exchange of ideas for implementing research-oriented gender equality
  • Choose the award winner of the Franziska Braun Award
  • Recommend recipients for the Re-Entry Scholarship.

Members of the Advisory Council

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity
  • Three internal council members (experts from the TU Darmstadt’s three departmental clusters)
  • Three external council members (experts from the industry, business, and media sectors)
  • TU Darmstadt’s Gender Equality Office