The Gender Equality Officer

As the Gender Equality Officer, I advocate for equal opportunities for all genders. My particular concern is to question and break down stereotypes with the goal that everyone is able to make equally free decisions, that all talents are encouraged, and vacancies and committees are open for all regardless of their personal life situation and their origins.

In areas in which women are underrepresented, a targeted promotion of women can both make sense and be necessary. I understand promotion as always being a form of recommendation. According to the motto: I am worth being advanced in my professional development.

Picture: Katrin Binner

The Gender Equality Officer

The aim of the Hessian Equal Rights Act (HGIG) is to make equal opportunities for men and women a reality, to improve the compatibility of work and family, and to eliminate the existing underrepresentation of women in the public sector. The Gender Equality Officer monitors the implementation of the law and advises the Executive Board.

Gender Equality

  • is part of the democratic process and is a criterion of excellence
  • means equal access for women to all positions in research, teaching and service
  • aims to prevent discrimination of any kind
  • is essential in order to be able to develop the potentials in everyone equally
  • is a crucial element of the University’s developmental strategy


  • Involvement in all personnel measures
  • Support for the University’s Executive Board in the implementation of the gender equality directive
  • Targeted advancement of women via specific measures and concepts
  • Raising awareness for equal opportunity
  • Support the departmental Gender Equality Officers
  • Individual counseling
  • Assist decision-making bodies
  • Internal and external cooperation and networking


  • Recruiting of women for science and management positions and for decision-making bodies
  • Motivating women to enter the scientific and technical fields
  • Creating a climate of gender equality throughout the University
  • Active cooperation between all those belonging to the University in the implementation of gender equality
  • Elimination and prevention of disadvantages and discrimination

Deputy Gender Equality Officer

  Name Working area(s) Contact
Dr.-Ing.'in Cornelia Seeberg, Deputy Gender Equality Officer
+49 6151 16-21441
S2|15 241
Dr.‘in Bettina Wagner ,
+49 6151 16-57217
S1|21 A 202