Career – Networking – Information

The promotion of networking of early researchers is an important goal of Ingenium. It includes the linking-up with the scientific community at TU Darmstadt and beyond, as well as with representatives from the industrial and economic sector.

The event programme “Career – Networking – Information” offers science and career related information and networking events, introduces you to possible future employers and thus supports the career development of early career researchers.

By promoting networking for early career researcher we aim to:

  • promote social integration as well as personal and professional exchange
  • create scope for interdisciplinary exchange
  • increase the visibility of early career researchers at TU Darmstadt
  • introduce you to possible career paths and goals inside and outside of academia
  • help you build a career network

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Our programme offers a broad range of science and career related information and networking events for doctoral candidates and postdocs at TU Darmstadt:

Impulse – Getting started and connected is an event especially for new doctoral candidates. Once a year, all doctoral candidates who have started their dissertation at TU Darmstadt in the past twelve month, are invited to participate. The event aims at bringing together doctoral candidates from all departments of the university right from the start. Getting to know people who are in the same situation and finding out about the wide variety of services for doctoral candidates provided by different institution of the university are the major goals. Mehr

In our information events for doctoral candidates and postdocs we invite and introduce service institutions at TU Darmstadt, who provide helpful information on a broad range of science related topics.

For the networking format career paths we welcome representatives from academia as well as from the industry and economy sector to share their experiences and provide insight into the various job possibilities after a doctorate or postdoc.

Careers at offers first-hand information about career opportunities and employment options in various attractive companies.

The experience event introduces you to attractive companies and potential employers. You can learn about the particular working areas and job opportunities of these companies on-site and prepare your next career step.


Ingenium promotes the networking of early career researchers.

Postdocs at TU Darmstadt can apply for funding with regard to the following purposes:

  • the formation and preparation of cross-university and interdisciplinary research groups and networks
  • the organisation of conferences

Through our ambassador programme Ingenium supports the cross-disciplinary and international networking between prospective doctoral candidates, doctoral candidates and postdocs about disciplinary and national

Networking Platforms

Networks are significant for academic success. Here you find a selection of interdisciplinary networking platforms for early career researchers:


The Junge Akademie is the first academy of young academics worldwide. It provides interdisciplinary and socially relevant spaces for outstanding young academics from German-speaking countries. The European equivalent Young Academy Europe and the international platform Global Young Academy offer possibilities for networking beyond Germany.

German Scholars Organization

The German Scholars Organization (GSO) is a non-profit organisation for German researchers of all disciplines, who work outside Germany. Aim of the GSO is to offer a platform for contact among early career researchers, to pass on information about important developments in Germany, and to bring together companies and research institutes, who offer career perspectives, with early career researchers. All services of the GSO are free for researchers.

Virtual Networks and Platforms

Virtual networks and platforms like Research Gate or enable the presentation of one’s own research profile and support the networking with other early career researchers.