General security tips

Even small steps often help to increase information security! The following tips will help you to protect yourself and your digital information.

The 10 best tips for everyone!

1. Update! Update! Update!

Security gaps are closed most effectively by updates. Software, operating system and especially the virus scanner should always be up-to-date.

2. Use different passwords

Avoid using the same user name and password for different accesses (for example, TU access and bank account.) Further tips on password security can be found here.

3. Think first, click afterwards

Phishing and blackmail trojans are very much in fashion! Be careful with links and attachments. Inform yourself regularly! You can find more information about phishing here.

4. Lock your screen when you leave your workplace

You can set this automatically or press the WINDOWS key + L on exit.

5. Backup! Backup! Backup!

Back up your data often and regularly on a suitable storage medium and keep it in a safe place. A secure backup is your only insurance against blackmail trojans and hardware failures.

6. Minimum principle

Always give as little information as possible, really only the most necessary.

7. Do not automatically click “OK”,…

… “Next”, “Yes”, “Agree” or “Accept”. First read the conditions or declaration of consent carefully!

8. Be careful with “Free-Ware

Free-Ware is often not cheap: You pay with your data!

9. Only the admin is admin

Keep your own rights low. Only work as ”admin" if you are actually in this role. The daily work should never be done on an administrator account.

10. Report an IT security incident

Your device was attacked? You suspect a virus, trojan or similar? Get professional help here, before a big, irreparable damage occurs!