HILDE ROTH. A time travel through Darmstadt 1950 – 1990

May 29 to February 28, 2022, in public space

With »HILDE ROTH. A time travel through Darmstadt 1950 – 1990« the Kunstforum der TU Darmstadt is dedicating an exhibition to the photographer and post-war reporter Hilde Roth (1927 – 2019) fort he first time ever. It ist the continuation of its successful series of exhibitions in the public space, which began with »HOME SWEET HOME« at the 11. Darmstadt Photography Days in autumn 2020. The photographic work of Hilde Roth is presented on central places in the city. The exhibition shows around 120 black and white photographs on large-format picture cubes and weatherproof presentations as well as 800 works on monitors. A richly illustrated catalog is available.

The exhibition is a partner project of the international photography triennial RAY Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain.

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Teaser of the exhibition by Torsten Bruns (duration: 00:28)

»Never photograph something that you don't care about.«

Lisette Model

This quote by the American photographer Lisette Model applies in particular to Hilde Roth (*1927 DE, †2019 DE), whose photographs are characterized by an alert and unpretentious look. From 1950 to 2000 she worked as a photo journalist for the Darmstädter Tagblatt and Darmstädter Echo. Her photographs exemplify the attitude towards life of an entire epoch and show the social transformation since the post-war period.

Her photo archive, which completely documents the development of Darmstadt from 1950 onwards, was entirely taken over by the TU Darmstadt and will be acquired by the city archive when the exhibition is over. With many contemporary testimonies — initially photographed for the daily press — an exhibition is created that tells in pictures the story of half a century of eventful post-war times and the unusual biography of a woman.

August 4, 1927 Hilde Roth is born as the second daughter of Paula Pullmann (née Wedekind) and Karl Pullmann in Darmstadts old town, Bachgasse 2. Both are merchants and royal purveyors for basketry and household goods.
1932 – 1936 Attends primary school in Darmstadt.
1936 – 1944 Attends the Eleonorenschule Darmstadt – secondary school diploma.
1944 – 1946 Apprenticeship as a photographer in Darmstadt-Eberstadt, succsessful completion of journeyman's examination
May 1947 Marriage to Heinz Georg Roth, born on August 12, 1922, in Mayen, Eifel.
1949 Birth of the first daughter Angelika Beate Brücher-Herpel (née Roth).
From 1950 Hilde Roth takes photographs for the local daily newspaper »Darmstädter Tagblatt« under the abbreviation: hiro. Relocation to Riedeselstraße 43 B.
1962 Birth of the second daughter Corinna Catherin Hochrein (née Roth).
January 1964 Sudden death of husband Heinz Georg Roth at the age of 41. From now on, Hilde Roth finances the family's livelihood on her own.
1986 The Darmstädter Tagblatt discontinues, Hilde Roth is taken over as a freelance photographer by the Darmstädter Echo.
2001 Officially retired, unofficially still sporadically working as a freelance photographer, plus an expert in city history, active in the Freundeskreis Stadtmuseum Darmstadt for many years.
2010 Increasing focus on the family and withdrawal from the public.
September 7, 2019 Hilde Roth dies in the Agaplesion Elisabethenstift nursing home in Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt at the age of 92.

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