Darmstadt Bildet Banden

A handful of cultural institutions came together to brave the second lockdown with the motto „Darmstadt bildet Banden“. Together they are planning a virutal advent calendar which will demonstrate the cultural diversity of Darmstadt – even under pandemic conditions. After the start in December 2020 with a virtual advent calendar, the diversity of Darmstadt's culture is presented with new videos every Wednesyday (Bandenmittwoch).

Just as a small breeze of normality swept through the cultural scene of Darmstadt, the second lockdown hit and canceled all corona-appropriate events. Therefore the Staatstheater Darmstadt initiated a virtual meeting with particpants from the cultural field. The initiative got a positive feedback, numerous cultural institutions came together to brave the second lockdown with the motto „Darmstadt bildet Banden“.

A prelude in December 2020 was a virtual advent calendar in which the diversity of Darmstadt's culture was shown – even under pandemic conditions. Since February 2021, Darmstadt's cultural and art institutions have continued their program under the hashtag #darmstadtbildetbanden with the so-called Bandenmittwoch. Week after week, a new look at Darmstadt's impressive creative potential will open up and that is far from over.

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Other institutions, facilietes and all people from the cultural field are welcome to join the „Bande“. Contact person is .


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