International Careers

Your prospects in Germany

The labor market in Germany is an interesting prospect for internationally positioned graduates: They can stay in Germany for up to 18 months after graduation in order to find employment that corresponds to their degree. Due to the growing shortage of skilled labour, especially in STEM professions, engineers, IT specialists and natural scientists will be in high demand in the long term.

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Federal minister welcomes international specialists

Advantages of (working) life in Germany

  • low unemployment rate
  • moderate working hours
  • very good social and health insurance
  • attractive regulations for maternity and parental leave
  • above-average number of vacation and public holidays
  • high quality of life

What to consider?

  • Only a few positions are offered in English. Most positions require very good German.
  • For a successful career start, it is important to gain relevant practical experience already during your studies.

Experiences of international students

Adil Ilyas

  • Alumnus of our partner university Politecnico Di Torino
  • Quality Engineer at Bosch Rexroth
  • Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (Italy), Master Production Engineering (Germany)
  • Origin: Pakistan

During his studies in Germany, Adil and his friends observed that international students usually focus on their studies and often neglect language acquisition and practical experience. This makes it difficult for them to access the labour market.

Adil therefore recommends looking at one's own career goals in good time. In his Blog Adifiles he gives internationals tips on studying and working in Germany.

This field report is an excerpt from the online session “International Careers in German Companies” in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth and Merck. View report and recording.