Who helps organizing your studies?

Bild: Katrin Binner

The Offices for Student Affairs

The Office for Student Affairs at your department answers questions concerning

  • modules and courses (registering, withdrawing, missing courses, small groups,…)
  • examinations (registering, withdrawing, sick note, marks,…)
  • examination regulations
  • performance records

If you don't know which office is responsible for you degree program, please have a look at the A-Z list.

TUCaN Team

The of the Dezernat II ist responsible for

  • all technical issues, e.g. if the webportal is not available or if there are problems with the login

Student Service

The Student Service of Dezernat II is responsible for issues such as

  • Application, Admissions
  • Enrolment, Change of degree programme
  • Re-registration, leave of absence, de-registration
  • Students' certificate
  • Certificates for official institutions
  • Change of address

The International Admission is responsible for foreign applicants and students.