TAM researchers strongly represented in renowned journals

Already more than a dozen publications this year


Researchers from the project “The Adaptive Mind” (TAM) have already published more than a dozen articles in renowned journals since the beginning of the year. TAM is in the running for a Cluster of Excellence in the prestigious Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments.

Highly publicised cluster project: “The Adaptive Mind” (TAM) project.

The authors include numerous TU Darmstadt researchers from various departments, including Professor Kristian Kersting (Department of Computer Science), Professor Heinz Koeppl (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) and Professor Constantin Rothkopf (Human Sciences). The articles have appeared in prestigious publications such as “Nature Human Behavior” and “Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems”.

The TAM project on the adaptability of the human mind has submitted a full application for the Cluster of Excellence funding line as part of the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. TU Darmstadt is represented in the Excellence Strategy competition with a total of three project outlines . In addition to TAM from the field of cognitive sciences, these are “Reasonable Artificial Intelligence” (RAI) on artificial intelligence and “CoM2Life” on communicating biomaterials. mih